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Warrior's Passive Skill

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Warrior is one of the classics of all races, these brave mercenaries depend solely on their own strength and have become the backbone of their empire’s security. They fight in the front line and serve the purpose of damage taking as we as go into close combat damage.

Starting Stat:

STR: 7
CON: 3
DEX: 5
AGI: 3
INT: 1
WIL: 1

Passive SkillAutomatic SkillActive Skill

Passive Skill

Swordmanship Top

LevelEffectAvailable at
1Sword Attack +7%Institute lv1
2Sword Attack +13%Institute lv1
3Sword Attack +19%Institute lv1
4Sword Attack +25%Institute lv1
5Sword Attack +31%Institute lv1
6Sword Attack +37%Institute lv1
7Sword Attack +43%Institute lv1
8Sword Attack +49%Institute lv1
9Sword Attack +55%Institute lv1
10Sword Attack +61%Institute lv1
11Sword Attack +67%Institute lv1
?Sword Attack +?%Institute lv12

Axemanship Top

LevelEffectAvailable at
1Axe Attack +6%Institute lv1
2Axe Attack +16%Institute lv1
3Axe Attack +24%Institute lv1
4Axe Attack +34%Institute lv1
5Axe Attack +42%Institute lv1
6Axe Attack +52%Institute lv1
7Axe Attack +60%Institute lv1
8Axe Attack +70%Institute lv1
9Axe Attack +78%Institute lv1
10Axe Attack +88%Institute lv1
11Axe Attack +96%Institute lv1
20Axe Attack +178%, +5 critical hitInstitute lv?
21Axe Attack +202%, +10 critical hitInstitute lv12

Spearmanship Top

LevelEffectAvailable at
1Polearm Attack +10%Institute lv1
2Polearm Attack +16%Institute lv1
3Polearm Attack +22%Institute lv1
4Polearm Attack +28%Institute lv1
5Polearm Attack +34%Institute lv1
6Polearm Attack +40%Institute lv1
7Polearm Attack +46%Institute lv1
8Polearm Attack +52%Institute lv1
9Polearm Attack +58%Institute lv1
10Polearm Attack +64%Institute lv1
11Polearm Attack +70%Institute lv1
20Polearm Attack +124%Institute lv?
21Polearm Attack +?%Institute lv12

Shield Defense Top

LevelEffectAvailable at
1Shield +2%, CON +1%Institute lv1
2Shield +10%, CON +2%Institute lv1
3Shield +17%, CON +3%Institute lv1
4Shield +24%, CON +4%Institute lv1
5Shield +31%, CON +5%Institute lv1
6Shield +38%, CON +6%Institute lv1
7Shield +45%, CON +7%Institute lv1
8Shield +52%, CON +8%Institute lv1
9Shield +59%, CON +9%Institute lv1
10Shield +67%, CON +10%Institute lv1
11Shield +74%, CON +11%Institute lv1
12Shield +82%, CON +12%Institute lv1
?Shield +?%, CON +?%Institute lv12

Weapon Master Top

LevelEffectAvailable at
1Physical Hit +2Institute lv1
2Physical Hit +4Institute lv1
3Physical Hit +6Institute lv1
4Physical Hit +8Institute lv1
5Physical Hit +10Institute lv1
6Physical Hit +12Institute lv1
7Physical Hit +14Institute lv1
8Physical Hit +16Institute lv1
9Physical Hit +18Institute lv1
10Physical Hit +20Institute lv1
11Physical Hit +25Institute lv1
12Physical Hit +26Institute lv1
13Physical Hit +27Institute lv2
14Physical Hit +28Institute lv3
15Physical Hit +29Institute lv4
16Physical Hit +32Institute lv5
18Physical Hit +38Institute lv8
19Physical Hit +44Institute lv8
20Physical Hit +50Institute lv8
21Physical Hit +65Institute lv11
22Physical Hit +75Institute lv12

Confidence Top

LevelEffectAvailable at
1WIL +3, Curse resist +1Institute lv2
2WIL +4, Curse resist +2Institute lv3
3WIL +5, Curse resist +3Institute lv3
4WIL +6, Curse resist +4Institute lv3
5WIL +7, Curse resist +5Institute lv3
6WIL +8, Curse resist +6Institute lv3
7WIL +9, Curse resist +7Institute lv3
8WIL +10, Curse resist +8Institute lv3
9WIL +11, Curse resist +9Institute lv3
10WIL +12, Curse resist +10Institute lv3
11WIL +15, Curse resist +11Institute lv3
12WIL +16, Curse resist +12Institute lv3
?WIL +?, Curse resist +?Institute lv12

Speed of Flurry Top

LevelEffectAvailable at
1AGI +1, DEX +1Institute lv1
2AGI +2, DEX +2Institute lv1
3AGI +3, DEX +3Institute lv1
4AGI +4, DEX +4Institute lv1
5AGI +5, DEX +5Institute lv1
6AGI +6, DEX +6Institute lv1
7AGI +7, DEX +7Institute lv1
8AGI +8, DEX +8Institute lv1
9AGI +9, DEX +9Institute lv1
10AGI +10, DEX +10Institute lv1
11AGI +14, DEX +14Institute lv?
16AGI +20, DEX +20Institute lv?
17AGI +22, DEX +22Institute lv6
18AGI +24, DEX +24Institute lv7
19AGI +26, DEX +26Institute lv7
20AGI +28, DEX +28Institute lv8
21AGI +?, DEX +?Institute lv12

Holy Faith Top

LevelEffectAvailable at
1Curse resist +1, Max MP +1%Institute lv2
2Curse resist +2, Max MP +3%Institute lv2
3Curse resist +3, Max MP +5%Institute lv2
4Curse resist +4, Max MP +7%Institute lv2
5Curse resist +5, Max MP +9%Institute lv2
6Curse resist +6, Max MP +11%Institute lv2
7Curse resist +7, Max MP +13%Institute lv2
8Curse resist +8, Max MP +15%Institute lv2
9Curse resist +9, Max MP +17%Institute lv2
10Curse resist +10, Max MP +19%Institute lv2
11Curse resist +11, Max MP +21%Institute lv2
12Curse resist +12, Max MP +23%Institute lv3
15Curse resist +15, Max MP +29%Institute lv5
16Curse resist +16, Max MP +31%Institute lv6
?Curse resist +?, Max MP +?%Institute lv12

Constancy Top

LevelEffectAvailable at
1Curse Resist +1, Magic Defense +1%Tortivacan City
2Curse Resist +2, Magic Defense +3%Tortivacan City
3Curse Resist +3, Magic Defense +5%Tortivacan City
4Curse Resist +4, Magic Defense +7%Tortivacan City
5Curse Resist +5, Magic Defense +9%Tortivacan City
6Curse Resist +6, Magic Defense +11%Tortivacan City
7Curse Resist +7, Magic Defense +13%Tortivacan City
8Curse Resist +8, Magic Defense +15%Tortivacan City
9Curse Resist +9, Magic Defense +17%Tortivacan City
10Curse Resist +10, Magic Defense +19%Tortivacan City
11Curse Resist +13, Magic Defense +21%Tortivacan City
12Curse Resist +15, Magic Defense +23%Tortivacan City
13Curse Resist +16, Magic Defense +25%Tortivacan City
14Curse Resist +18, Magic Defense +27%Tortivacan City
15Curse Resist +19, Magic Defense +29%Tortivacan City
?Curse Resist +?, Magic Defense +?%Institute lv12

Abyssal Fury Top

LevelEffectAvailable at
1Critical Hit +1, Melee Defense -1%Institute lv1
10Critical Hit +10, Melee Defense -10%Institute lv1
11Critical Hit +15, Melee Defense -15%Institute lv1
20Critical Hit +28, Melee Defense -28%Institute lv8

Iron Body Top

LevelEffectAvailable at
1Max HP +20, CON +1%Institute lv1
2Max HP +50, CON +2%Institute lv1
3Max HP +80, CON +3%Institute lv1
4Max HP +110, CON +4%Institute lv1
5Max HP +140, CON +5%Institute lv1
6Max HP +170, CON +6%Institute lv1
7Max HP +200, CON +7%Institute lv1
8Max HP +230, CON +8%Institute lv1
9Max HP +260, CON +9%Institute lv1
10Max HP +290, CON +10%Institute lv1
11Max HP +390, CON +11%Institute lv2
12Max HP +490, CON +12%Institute lv3
13Max HP +590, CON +13%Institute lv3
14Max HP +690, CON +14%Institute lv4
15Max HP +790, CON +15%Tortivacan City
16Max HP +990, CON +16%Tortivacan City
17Max HP +1190, CON +17%Tortivacan City
18Max HP +1390, CON +18%Tortivacan City
19Max HP +1590, CON +19%Institute Lv7
20Max HP +1790, CON +20%Institute Lv?
21Max HP +1990, CON +24%Institute Lv12

Dodge Top

LevelEffectAvailable at
1Dodge +1Institute lv2
10Dodge +19Institute lv2
11Dodge +25Institute lv3
12Dodge +31Institute lv4
13Dodge +37Institute lv4
14Dodge +43Institute lv5
15Dodge +49Institute lv6
16Dodge +55Institute lv6
20Dodge +79Institute lv6
21Dodge +?Institute lv12

Iron Will Top

LevelEffectAvailable at
1Curse resist +1, CON +1Institute lv3
10Curse resist +10, CON +10Institute lv3
11Curse resist +13, CON +11Institute lv4
12Curse resist +15, CON +12Institute lv5
13Curse resist +16, CON +13Institute lv5
14Curse resist +17, CON +14Institute lv6
15Curse resist +19, CON +15Institute lv6
16Curse resist +23, CON +16Institute lv7
17Curse resist +25, CON +17Institute lv7

Brave Heart Top

LevelEffectAvailable at
1Melee +10, Melee Defense +10Institute lv3
2Melee +30, Melee Defense +30Institute lv4
3Melee +50, Melee Defense +50Institute lv4
4Melee +70, Melee Defense +70Institute lv4
5Melee +100, Melee Defense +100Institute lv4
6Melee +130, Melee Defense +130Institute lv4
7Melee +160, Melee Defense +160Institute lv4
8Melee +190, Melee Defense +190Institute lv4
9Melee +220, Melee Defense +220Institute lv4
10Melee +250, Melee Defense +250Institute lv4
11Melee +280, Melee Defense +280Institute lv4
12Melee +350, Melee Defense +350Institute lv5
13Melee +420, Melee Defense +420Institute lv5
14Melee +490, Melee Defense +490Institute lv5
15Melee +560, Melee Defense +560Institute lv5
16Melee +630, Melee Defense +630Institute lv6
17Melee +700, Melee Defense +700Institute lv7
18Melee +770, Melee Defense +770Institute lv7
19Melee +840, Melee Defense +840Institute lv8
20Melee +910, Melee Defense +910Institute lv8
21Melee +980, Melee Defense +980Institute lv12

Divine Power Top

LevelEffectAvailable at
1Int +5, Melee +3%Institute lv11
2Int +7, Melee +4%Institute lv11
3Int +8, Melee +5%Institute lv11
4Int +10, Melee +6%Institute lv11
5Int +11, Melee +7%Institute lv11
6Int +13, Melee +8%Institute lv11
7Int +14, Melee +9%Institute lv11
8Int +16, Melee +10%Institute lv11
9Int +17, Melee +11%Institute lv11
10Int +19, Melee +12%Institute lv11
11Int +20, Melee +17%Institute lv11
20Int +34, Melee +38%Institute lv11

Improved Strength Top

LevelEffectAvailable at
1STR +1%, STR +1Institute lv11
5STR +5%, STR +5Institute lv11
10STR +10%, STR +10Institute lv11
11STR +11%, STR +11Institute lv11
20STR +20%, STR +20Institute lv11
21STR +?%, STR +?Institute lv12

Breaker Master Top

LevelEffectAvailable at
1??Institute lv12
10Armour Penetration +230, Armour Penetration +1Institute lv12
11Armour Penetration +260, Armour Penetration +2Institute lv12
12STR +11%, STR +11Institute lv11
13STR +20%, STR +20Institute lv11
14STR +?%, STR +?Institute lv12

A Paladin's speicial passive can be learnt from Paladin's Soul NPC after clearing her quest in Zolodi Golgotha. You need 40 basic wil and 100 honor to activate quest. **+40 wil pot does not work**

Faith of Paladin Top

LevelEffectAvailable at
1MAX MP+5%Paladin's Soul NPC at Zolodi Golgotha
2MAX MP+10%Paladin's Soul NPC at Zolodi Golgotha
3MAX MP+15%Paladin's Soul NPC at Zolodi Golgotha
4MAX MP+20%Paladin's Soul NPC at Zolodi Golgotha
5MAX MP+25%Paladin's Soul NPC at Zolodi Golgotha
6MAX MP+30%Paladin's Soul NPC at Zolodi Golgotha
7MAX MP+35%Paladin's Soul NPC at Zolodi Golgotha
8MAX MP+40%Paladin's Soul NPC at Zolodi Golgotha
9MAX MP+45%Paladin's Soul NPC at Zolodi Golgotha
10MAX MP+50%Paladin's Soul NPC at Zolodi Golgotha
11MAX MP+55%Paladin's Soul NPC at Zolodi Golgotha
12MAX MP+60%Paladin's Soul NPC at Zolodi Golgotha
13MAX MP+65%Paladin's Soul NPC at Zolodi Golgotha

Once warrior reach Lv50 and have obtained Lv30 Epic Conqueror's Spear, they can complete the quest from Mr Eagle NPC at Nine Dragon to learn additional spear skills

Overlord's Spearmanship Top

LevelEffectAvailable at
1Polearm Attack +10% STR +1%Mr Eagle NPC at Nine Dragon
20Polearm Attack +105% STR +20%Mr Eagle NPC at Nine Dragon


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